1. Instagram Photos from my recent trip to New York City.

  2. Instagram DC.

    I needed to clear my mind yesterday and making pictures always helps me relax. Here is some of my work from yesterday.

  3. Me (grey jacket) having some fun with my roommate (black jacket) a few weeks back.

  4. Promotional photos for Winchester, Virginia based Pop Punk band, Don’t Look Down. 

  5. I like to take photos…of myself.

  6. Holiday card photos for my good friends, Austin and Alyssa. All photos taken on a Fujifilm X100.

  7. Hampton Roads Mini Maker Faire at the Scope in Norfolk, VA. 

  8. I took this weekend to try and get acquainted with my X100, It will definitely take some adjusting, but I am really pleased with it’s performance so far! (pictured is an open house event for the 757 Makerspace in Ghent (Norfolk) Virginia, and the “Dig it up” show at Busch Gardens where my fraternity brother was a performer)

  9. I bought a Fujifilm X100 this past weekend and I couldn’t be happier. It is the perfect addition to my collection and will server as my walk around camera. I love my Canon Mark iiN but this much more manageable for everyday life. 

  10. This is a recap of my summer through Instagram. I am working full time as an IT specialist so I have less free time to take on assignments, but I am trying as hard as I can to still see the world as I did as a full time photographer.  Although I’m not toting around my Canon Mark II N as much as I used to, I never miss an opportunity for a photo.